Hello my lovelies! So I would like to say a huge sorry for a lack of blog action over the past week or so. This girl took an unexpected trip to the hospital the other day…only I would pass out in the middle of the chippy (great one Becca, well done). Anyhoo, not wanting to leave you without a post for any longer, here is the next instalment of my Turkey outfits.

Now as the title suggests, I wore this outfit twice (don’t judge, we all do it) but there was a slight difference between the two. I’ve never been one for a more tight fitting skirt, I’ve never found them to be flattering as I have a lot of thigh action going on, but this skirt. This. Skirt. Firstly, it’s black and white and if you’ve seen the majority of my other outfits here on the blog then you will know that monochrome is my thing. Second of all, it just works. I don’t know why, I don’t know what it is about it, but it works. It doesn’t (in my opinion at least) make my legs look awful and for someone that is fairly new to this whole wearing a skirt thing, it makes me feel confident and hey, that’s all that matter right!

For my top half, I opted for these two simple cami tees. I really like the cut of these tops. With a slightly racerback style and a (kinda) v-neck front, I again, feel like this just works for me.

And that’s it! It’s safe to say I will be clearing out all of the styles of this skirt that H&M have before I leave for uni! Let me know if you guys would like to see a more in depth look at this outfit in another post! Now I mentioned that monochrome fashion is ‘my thing’, what’s yours? Leave it in a comment down below or feel free to tweet me!

Hope you loved guys!

Becca x

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