Uni Room Tour

Uni Room Tour

Halls are like a right of passage in the world of university – you become ‘best friends’ with people from different flats on a drunken night out, only to awkwardly bump into them the next morning in the hallway trying to quickly remember their name; the smoking area becomes the hub for the latest gossip and goings on even if 50% of the people there don’t smoke and some of the biggest dilemmas you’ll see will be over who’s used whose milk.

Living away from home is tough, just ask any student. Leaving the routines of being at home behind and having to adapt to a new place with new people can be daunting – trust me, but it can also create some of the best days of your life. Whilst a lot of the things about uni life will be new to the majority of us, there’s still one thing that stays the same – the feeling of coming home after a long day to your bedroom – and that’s where this post comes in. Seeing as though I’ve been at uni for almost 6 months now, I thought I would try something a little different on the blog today and give you guys a peek into how I’ve made Southampton feel that lil bit more like home.




I’m a visual person so covering the white walls were a must. Prints, pictures, postcards and posters were my weapons of choice for this section of my room, with many of the pieces being collected from magazines such as NME and Glamour, and the odd shoe focussed postcard from the V&A thrown in there too. I’ve also found this to be the perfect home for some of my many doodles I’ve created, such as the David Bowie number alongside my doodle of a guy I made at half 3 in the morning…oh the joys of a messy sleeping pattern.

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Keeping things visual, photos from home were key when it came to decorating my room. Those who know me will agree that I am memory person – I love capturing moments and treasuring experiences and this pin board is perfect for putting them on display. From baby photos to dance competition medals, this is one part of my room that I will definitely keep adding to.11 13


As for the rest of the room, I made sure to add little touches to different sections I use the most. By my desk I can see photos from dance competitions, by my makeup I have photos of friends and by my books a present from my A Level textiles teacher. The key for me to avoid feeling homesick was just to fill my room with things and pictures of people and things I love the most.


There’s no right or wrong way to decorate a university room. From the outside everyone’s room looks the same, it’s just about making what you see when you walk through the door every day yours. Whether that be plastering it with photos like I have, or keeping things simplistic, the freedom and choice is up to you – but hey, would it really be a university room if it didn’t have fairy lights in it?