The Bowie Tribute Issue • Behind The Lens

The Bowie Tribute Issue • Behind The Lens
Bowie. A musical legend and pop culture icon. Following on from his death at the beginning of 2016, we were set the task of creating a tribute to the star in our Photography unit at university. For a magazine publication of our choice we were required to produce 4-6 styled portraits designed to emulate the essence of Bowie.

Hello my lovelies! If you’ve been following me here on le blog or over on my social media, then you might have seen a few posts to do with or mentioning my photography coursework ((which I’ve summed up for you up the top there, isn’t that handy!)). Anyhoo, I have a whole post planned for my final images and my workbook that we had to create alongside our final images; however, for today’s post I thought I’d give you a little look behind the photos. My model for these photos and my final images was my lovely boyfriend, Connor, who as you will able to see by the photos, totally loved having makeup on his face….okay he didn’t really but he was a star for doing this for me! Enough of me, let’s get on to the photos.



Alongside Aladdin Sane’s famous lightning bolt, one of Bowie’s most iconic looks makeup wise was that of Ziggy Stardust.  Fun and flamboyant, one of the key aspects of this persona’s makeup was the contrasting white and pink patterns on his face and the large gold sun like circle on the centre of the star’s forehead. Whilst I wanted the focus of the makeup to be the pink patterning, I knew that I wanted to contour Connor’s face slightly more dramatically to help with the shaping of his face. This was one of Bowie’s iconic stage persona so I knew that I would have to apply the makeup quite heavily to make sure that it came across on camera, more so because I was planning on having my model in front of a window which would wash out his face slightly. As I wanted the focus of the photo to be the patterning on his face, I chose not to go try incorporating the bright orange hair into the look.

IMG_2125 IMG_2128

IMG_2131 IMG_2130



Whilst Jareth may not have been an era of Bowie musically, it’s still a significant look in the star’s career. Taken to the extreme of what we see today, the most recognisable aspect of Jareth’s makeup is the eyebrows and eyeliner, followed by the chiselled cheekbones. To translate this into my image and because of Connor’s naturally bushy eyebrows I decided to incorporate them into the look; however because of the lack of spacing between his eyebrow and his top lash line, I found it quite difficult to achieve a similar style of eyeliner without it all coming together and looking like one massive shape instead of two. Like the Ziggy styling, I wanted the focus of this look to be the makeup on Connor, not the hair and I didn’t want to risk making the photo seem like a bad recreation of the look as opposed to something trying to emulate the essence of Bowie.

IMG_2263 IMG_2267 IMG_2275 IMG_2277