I’m Back: Why I Took A Break From Blogging

P1010752In case you didn’t already guess by the title, I went on a bit of a break from blogging but now, almost three months later, I’m back. I have 2 more posts to explain why I went MIA and as I’ve been away for so long, let me introduce myself. My name’s Becca *awkward wave* hi hello there,  I’m closer to 20 than 19, a fashion journalism student and I don’t want to be a fashion blogger anymore.


Probably should have warned you about that last bit.

Now before you start asking “but Becca, this is your fashion blog right??? huh??” don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s not that I don’t want to be a #fblogger, it’s that I don’t want to be just a fashion blogger.

Let me try and explain…

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When I started BCALOU over a year ago, I had a plan for it to be solely fashion based. I was getting ready to start a fashion journalism degree and had dreams of writing for the likes of Vogue, ELLE and all the big name mags. To me, it made sense to create a ‘fashion’-only blog as the first step to get there, yet I didn’t want to take away from it being a hobby. Now a ‘fashion’ blog could mean anything and at the start that I didn’t really know what my focus was. I was caught between dodgy outfit posts taken in my bathroom  and collection reviews from the catwalks across the globe. Throw in some tags and monthly favourites et voila, that was my blog. .

To kinda sum it up, I thought that by writing these posts I would become as popular as the other bloggers that wrote them. I thought that having the same style of posts would make me the next blogger that loads of people wanted to read. (Hate to break it to you 2015 Becca, but that’s not how it works). The idea of being a ‘big blogger’ took over and I lost the fact that it’s largely hobby and I found myself in a blog post rut (if you follow me on twitter then you would’ve seen maaaany a tweet about it, soz ’bout that).

P1010752 P1010750 P1010751

I can feel myself starting to ramble like in the maaaany drafts I’ve already written for this post so I’m gonna cut to the chase – I love music. Always have and always will. I’m doing a music journalism unit during second year, my boyfriend is a snazzy music man (probably not his actual title) at a recording studio in London and I just love music. I went to Truck Festival  that took place mid-July (hate to disappoint but it’s a music festival, I know I know, I was disappointed by the lack of trucks too) and that just sealed that fact that I wanna include more music in the content I put out there. I’m not saying music is going to take over nonono, I just want to sprinkle it here and there.

I want to be able to post candid coffee-drinking shots wearing my current favourite outfit; shoot videos from a back-street venue of a band people have probably never heard of and get their music out there. I want to go on adventures with playlists I’ve made and capture them to put out there, I just want to make more than awfully lit outfit posts from my uni room.

BCALOU was slowly becoming something I didn’t enjoy, something that didn’t feel very ‘Becca’ and that’s not what I set out for it to be. The content that I create and the posts I put out there should all be very ‘me’. I want this blog to be an extension of myself and whilst it may not be an overnight change and who knows, maybe in a year or two I could come to regret this decision but for now, this is where my head is at. Expect to see more fashion, more music, more adventures and most importantly, more of me.

Phew okay made it to the end, hopefully that made sense and I guess I should probably reintroduce myself. My name’s Becca *awkward wave* hi hello there,  I’m closer to 20 than 19, a fashion journalism student and this is my blog. 

BCALOU has had a makeover! Afterdreaming of a new layout for months I have finally hopped on the pipdig bandwagon! Let me know what you think down below or feel free to tweet me!