Lost My Head – The 1975 @ The O2

The 1975 @ The O2

God where do I even begin? If you haven’t seen my countless tweets or instagram posts then you might not know that I saw The 1975 @ the O2 Arena in London and boy was it incredible.

It’s insane to think that a band can define so many moments in your life without you even realising it. You’d think that because I felt everything on the night that I would have but nope – it took an entire arena full of people singing the lyrics back to Matty for it to click.

The 1975 @ The O2 The 1975 @ The O2


Seriously. Two seconds into the intro ‘The 1975’ and I was gone – tears streaming, heart going mental and silent blessings because I hadn’t worn eyeliner (Spoiler alert: that wasn’t going to be the first time I cried). Half way through Robbers I realised that one of my favourite lyrics (for no other reason than how Matty sings it) was gonna happen and boy oh boy, an arena full of people singing that one line does things to you.

I’m not gonna spend this whole post telling you each and every moment that I got emotional during this concert (because tbh there are too many for me to remember) but I was honestly surprised by how many different songs and particular lyrics reminded me of moments from this year, people I love and have lost and just feelings I didn’t realise I’d missed.

Everything about seeing The 1975 was amazing – the songs, the visuals (seriously, an instagram lovers DREAM), the dancing or singing – but they aren’t what made the night for me. It wasn’t my love for their new album (and their first album ofc), Matty being the beautiful human being that he is or the fact that I got to see The 1975 (a band that I love) live for the first time – it was the person that I went with.

The 1975 @ The O2 The 1975 @ The O2 The 1975 @ The O2


One of the most important things for me when it comes to going to a concert is the person I go with, especially if I’m seeing the artist live for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, if I got the chance to see someone I love with anyone then I’d go for it, but there’s something about seeing the right artist with the right person that is just incredible. Don’t get me wrong seeing The 1975 was incredible as it was, but being there with Connor (le boyf for those of you that don’t know) just made it for me. *I know you’re gonna read this so hi there squidge*

Hearing Please Be Naked live (if you haven’t heard this instrumental from their new album then PLEASE bless your ears with it) with Connor by my side was the defining moment of the night for me. If you know me then you will know that 2015 was one hell of a year for me and most definitely not in a good way and I’ll be honest, I went into 2016 with incredibly low expectations. It’s crazy that this song – a song without lyrics – can make you feel a thousand different things at once. Three simple notes on a piano can remind you that things can and do get better. 

sobbed when it came on. We’d been teased with it all night and the moment Matty walked over to his keyboard I knew. My heart started racing, the tears streamed harder than ever and I’m pretty sure if I squeezed Connor hand anymore I’d have crushed it oops. No amount of words will ever help to describe how I feel when that is playing, nothing. It’s something that can only be described by a whole lotta tears and a huge ass smile on my face.

The 1975 @ The O2

2 and half years ago when we met I would never have imagined that Connor and I would be where we are now and boy am I glad it happened. So this post is for you butthead – thank you for being mine, for getting us those tickets and for being my lil weirdo – I love you.

If you’re interested in the track list from the night, I created a Spotify playlist here.

The girl who said she wanted to start writing about music at the start of 2016 has finally written a post about music .... at the end of 2016... oops.