“I AM A GIRL” – A Fashion Film

polemic /pəˈlɛmɪk/ : a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.
“I AM A GIRL” focuses on the relationship between women and the media and how it might not make us feel a part of the glamorous, beautified lifestyle it promotes. 

The topic of gender and what it means to be a girl is a particularly personal one for me and whilst I might not an expert, I am proud of the way I executed my this piece as part of my Fashion Film unit at uni. The voice-over (a spoken word poem written by me) features all my own thoughts and opinions – something that I never imagined myself doing as it’s not something you can just say without expecting various opinions to be thrown at you.

Gender is a huge topic for a lot of individuals and I am aware that I only covered a very small part of this issue, specifically the ‘types’ of women that I featured in the video. It is an on-going conversation and is something that needs to be spoken about if we are to get anywhere with it – and I hope that my fashion film with all my thoughts and feelings in there – is a small starting point for a much bigger conversation.