Haircuts and Hairspray Songs

Haircuts and Hairspray Songs

Haircuts and Hairspray Songs

There have been a whole lot of changes recently. There’s my new hair (which if you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen my struggles), the new logo made by yours truly and midi skirts??! I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and this outfit has a) done just that and b) made me feel FABULOUS.

Those that know me would be shocked to see me in anything other than skinny jeans and I won’t lie, so was I when I put this outfit together. But after so many years of wearing similar outfits and creating my own ‘uniform’, it’s been so refreshing to try something different with my wardrobe.

Haircuts and Hairspray Songs


Haircuts and Hairspray Songs

This all seems like sunshine, cute hair-dos and midi skirts but it’s been a lot more stressful than it looks.

It’s so hard to try and explain what it’s like to try out a new look. It’s like getting your haircut – you think it’s a fabulous idea at first but the moment you step outside you second guess yourself (funny that). The moment I put these two together in the Primark changing room and I was feeling FAB. Not only did it have me feeling like a member of Hairspray but it gave me a whole new kick up the butt in terms of style. “Yes Becca, you’ve done it. Super stylish outfit post here you come hell yeah” I silently screamed to myself, but our good old friend comparison came along and spoiled the party.

Being a fashion student and a blogger means that I’m opened up to a whole bunch of beautiful and stylish people and immediately my brain panicked in case I didn’t ‘fit in’. “Oh god what if I’m trying too hard? The girls at uni are gonna think I’m a right nutter wearing this outfit. Am I trying too hard to be girly?”. And whilst this outfit did make me feel fabulous, my brain thought it best to sacrifice that in order to fit in with those around me.

Haircuts and Hairspray SongsHaircuts and Hairspray Songs

So I’m gonna shake and shimmy it the best that I can.

I know, I know, that’s a quote from a Hairspray song (an absolute tune might I add) but it fits perfectly with how this outfit makes me feel. Something I’ve preached for the longest time but never actually listened to is that fashion (and how you look) has no boundaries and that it’s up to each individual to do what they want. And this outfit, for me, is a big f-you to the restrictions and rules that I’ve given myself over the years.

Some people might see this look and think I’m crazy. Some might think it’s cute and some people might not care at all and that’s okay. Fashion for me is like a haircut. I was once a girl who said she’d never get a full fringe and never dye her hair, yet here I am – this is my second go at a fringe in a year and my hair is fifty-shades of DIY ombre ….. things change and it’s something that we shouldn’t be scared of.

It’s not easy at all, but it’s something that should be enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be a skinny jeans and band-tee kinda gal until I’m old and grey; but if a kick ass jumper and a midi skirt makes me feel fabulous then it makes me feel fabulous.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna fix my fringe in place, swish around in my new skirt and swoon over some Link Larkin.