The One Where I Talk About Creativity w/ Mallzee

The One Where I Talk About Creativity w/ Mallzee

At the end of first year I wrote a post all about my creative rut – being stuck with where I was and what I wanted to with my life and creative self. Here, at the end of second year, we’ve got round two: The One Where I Talk About Creativity.

Now that I look back on it, my post last year and my feelings at the time made me see being creative as a back-up option. At the time I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and I thought ‘oh don’t worry it’s fine I can just be creative and et voila”. My lack of direction saw creativity as an excuse for why I hadn’t figured my uni plan out yet. Saying that I wanted to be a ‘creative’ slowly became a preplanned excuse for when I didn’t go down the magazine route after graduating, much to everyone’s disappointment. I’ll be perfectly honest, I was treating it as if it was going to be easy – I had my whole life and career planned out based off of just one word, and because of that everything was going to be fine.

Creativity to me now is like a person. Sometimes we get on and we’re the best of friends and other times we just don’t work and won’t get on with each other (which normally depends on my assignment brief at uni). And right now I’m somewhere in between. The part of me that has understood that creativity isn’t the best of gals to get on with, is fine with learning the specific ins and outs of what I want to do. The other part of me that so desperately wants to get stuck in with all of her ideas, isn’t having the best of time putting on the breaks to work out what exactly that means.


Third year is looming and we’ve been given the frightful idea of FMPs into our brains and let me tell you, it’s been a rollercoaster. Much like the idea of being a writer for a magazine, the idea of creating my own magazine has been one that I’ve had years before going to uni. Less for the writing, but actually the whole behind the scenes process: the designing, photography, heck even choosing the fonts had me feeling giddy. Up until about a month ago that was my plan and I was set on it – until Gino came along.

During the first term of second year, I created “I AM A GIRL”, a short video as part of my filming assessment. The idea came to me in a shower, I went all levels of fancy with the editing and it seemed to pay off as Gino loved it. The second term rolled around and I created ‘The Object of Desire’ which was completely different to my previous film and whilst we haven’t had our marks back yet, I bloody loved the process of it. Surprise surprise, my plans have changed and I’m now doing a film for my FMP next year.

I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt about myself and my relationship with being creative is that plans will change. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that change isn’t one of my favourite things, especially when it comes to something I’m so passionate about and yet it’s been these changes that have allowed me to view things so differently.


Take my blog for instance. Over the past month or so I’ve been the most consistent with uploading blog posts since back when I very first started. Granted it did take some persuading and combatting some demons but knowing that I have content to put out there that isn’t few and far between has had me feel great. Yet at the same time, I’m already wanting to completely change the way I go about things in order to improve my content.

If you follow me over on instagram (which btw you really should as it’s my most used platform) then you might have seen that I’ve been getting a bit fancy with some of the photos I’m uploading. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good flatlay like every other blogger, but there’s something about finding new and slightly fun ways to put my photos together that’s had my creative juices going. What I’ve learnt recently is that my brain has a hard time understanding that whilst the desire and ideas might be there, sometimes I’m not physically able to create the things I want to create and that’s okay. 

Whilst yes, quality is the key when it comes to producing in a blog post, it doesn’t always have to be in the photos. Take the trousers I’m wearing for example (which by the way I am OBSESSED with). Back in January I created a post with Mallzee all centred around my LFW Wishlist. The post was entered into a competition to win the outfit that we’d chosen and this had my brain going. I made the collaged images of the look with tiny details like the name of the post in fancy writing on the background, I’d planned how I was going to promote the post and even made a GIF to add that extra little something and it worked.

“imagination is the beginning of creation”

If you couldn’t guess by that lovely segue into my outfit then that little burst of creativity paid off and I won. Now I’m not being paid to mention this at all, I didn’t have to write an entire post on it in this way but it was because I was recognised for a small amount of creativity, that inspired my to write this post. Sometimes it’s very easy to get caught up in being fancy and creative and I for one have often spent too much time thinking rather than doing. But sometimes all it takes is a snazzy pair of pink culottes, and everything works out fine.