W.I.L.D – #1


*Breaking News* I’m jumping on the favourites bandwagon and with that, welcome to the first instalment of W.I.L.D! As a serial rambler I thought I’d narrow it down into 4-5 categories to not only make this easier for me to come up with, but also easier for you guys to read. Unlike the traditional ‘monthly favourites’, this will be far more casj – giving you what I’m loving as I’m loving it and whether that means monthly who knows! With a new series comes my attempt at a title and after some shuffling and debating I settled on W.I.L.D (which was a far better choice than PRNDL…I’m not joking):

Watching | Interested In | Lusting Over | Doing

It might go through some changes as it’s still in early days but think of W.I.L.D as your 1-stop-shop for all of my favourite things, the kind of content you can read tucked up in bed on a Sunday morning or when you’re sitting on the tube on your way to work. So without further ado…

 Let’s Get W.I.L.D
(Image Sources: i-D, The Simple Things, The Little Plum)


If you follow me on Twitter then you will know my LOVE for Gossip Girl. Since finishing second year, finding a TV show to binge watch has been a must and a) I am very late to this bandwagon and b) it’s the best decision I’ve made in a while. Now from first glance it might look cheesy – and I’m talking 00s fashion and flip phones level of cheese – but it’s fabX.O.X.O  As for YouTube (and conveniently as I’m writing this post) Hannah Witton published a video talking about self-esteem after gaining weight. As someone who’s struggled with this in the past this video is a MUST. It’s refreshing to see people tackling what can often be such a dark thing for some people and open up a discussion.


I’ve fallen back in love with reading blog posts lately. Holly recently published a post talking about “Feeling When You Can’t Feel” and firstly the photos are absolutely gorgeous but the post itself is great. It perfectly sums up the battle between feeling nothing and knowing that you can feel everything all at once and whilst it’s about Holly’s personal battle with this, it’s something that everyone can relate to! Also in the blogosphere, the gorgeous Chloe posted a fab post all about how life is more than just sun, sea and selfies (plus can we talk about those jeans? LOVE). I don’t think I’m alone in saying that sometimes as a blogger we can get bogged-down and disheartened when we see other creators jetting off to the Maldives every other week, or if we can’t afford the latest things but who cares? Instead of focussing on what is/isn’t happening on a sunny island in the future, the most important thing is to focus on the now.

Outside of all things blog related, i-D posted an article about the fashion industry’s obsession with smoking. Whilst I’m not one to lit up a fag on the daily, it’s interesting to see an industry that prides itself on beauty depend on something considered so sinful and damaging by society.


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Other than just binge-watching Gossip Girl, life has been journeying to and from Southampton for a while. Second year might be over but whilst we have the flat, it’d be a shame not to spend some time with Connor. Beach adventures and Thorpe Park trips were overshadowed by the events in Manchester which hit my heart and mental health a lot harder than expected. Since then it’s been a weird few days and if someone could find a way for me to wrap up those I love in bubble wrap then that would be lovely.

As for the coming weeks, Connor, my sister, her boyfriend and I are all heading on holiday! Be sure to keep an eye on my social media for pics from the trip!

And that’s a wrap! Let me know if you like the idea of W.I.L.D down below and the kinds of things you’d want to see and as I said, it’s in the early stages so if you have any ideas or tips with how to set it out then that would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, I hope everyone is feeling fabby and having a lovely day!