Monthly Soundtrack: May


If you live in the UK then the word ‘May’ might have (or should have) been filling your body with fear in the run up to the general election. Much to Justin Timberlake’s pleasure, the month for making “it’s gonna be May” jokes on twitter is over and with that, welcome to the May instalment in the monthly soundtracks! This month is a lil different to soundtrack posts gone as Connor and I had pretty much picked the same songs. So instead of putting in songs for the hell of it, we’ve just put our choices together!

Earlier in May I posted a review of two new albums that I’m already in love with and I’m sure you’re not surprised to see 3 of Harry’s song featuring in this month’s playlist. I’ve converted Connor and it’s rare to see us not jamming along to Woman when we’re in the car together. Other highlights from this month has been the absolute babes that are HAIM with ‘Right Now’ and ‘Want You Back’ and Royal Blood – not only because Connor worked on the album – but because ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ is a must for any long car journey.

*And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is Emotions by Mariah Carey in there as well*