Monthly Soundtrack: June

Monthly Soundtrack: June



Oh June. You’ve been the month of sweltering heat, glamping in Devon and many, many hours in the car. Whilst I’m not attending any festivals this year (which always makes me sad) I feel like because you’ve treated me with two fabulousalbums this year, I can let you off.

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen me mention the new Royal Blood album. Not only is it wonderful but my little bubba, Connor worked on it (it’s now his second number 1 album no biggy (also yes I am fully aware that I am his biggest fan)) so naturally it had to feature in this month’s soundtrack. It has taken over my new-in/latest playlist over on spotify – which by the way you should definitely check out (it’s always at the bottom of my blog – and rightly so, it’s fab.

I feel like I was slightly late to this but LORDE’S. ALBUM. I saw people talking about it on my twitter timeline but just brushed past it. Then it clicked. She’d released it. Oh boy. Now I have a special place in my heart for Lorde and she was the soundtrack to my first year of sixth form house arts competion and her music seems to transport me back to a time where I’d spend my 2 ams scrolling through Tumblr and using her as an excuse to let my hair go wild.

Listening to this album made me feel as if I’d fast-forwarded through the past few years of my life. I felt in tune with myself as a 20 year old as I listened along to it and she’s somehow managed to capture my life between her first album and Melodrama perfectly. I can’t describe it.

Also I have to mention HAIM because I’m falling back in love with them and I am SO okay with that.

(Connor and I now seem to have a habit of choosing the same songs each month, but essentially anything that isn’t Royal Blood or Don Broco on here were my lil extras)