Monthly Soundtrack: July

(trying to find CDs that weren’t One Direction for this photo was pretty darn difficult)

Monthly Soundtrack: July

For some reason wanting to start this post has got me singing Good Morning Baltimore so if that doesn’t give you an idea of how I’m like right now then GOOD MORNING BALLLLLTIMORRRRRRE.

Now enough of Hairspray, July has been a weird month on the music front for me. I think that fact that I’ve been feeling spaced out has just got in the way of me putting my heart in to what I’m listening to.

I can’t tell whether my body is caught in some kind of seasonal limbo where I desperately want to be snuggled up under a cosy blanket listening to the rain and Christmas music – the summer bangers that are coming out just don’t feel right? 

That being said, I’ve found some new loves (whilst we’re on this btw, can we talk about how f a b Don Broco’s new video is for this yassssss), rediscovered some old faves and spent a good ol’ chunk of the month listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks whilst reading the books.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t been the music maestro that I normally am with these monthlies but never fear – Connor and I have something up our sleeves for the next two months (hint: we’ll be eating aalllllllll the birthday cake) so hopefully they’ll be a lil jazzier!