21 for 21 – My Life (So Far) In Music

Buckle up kiddos! This post is gonna take you on a journey through my years on this planet through one of my favourite things – music. To celebrate turning 21 in a couple of days, here are 21 songs that were either released that year (and I later fell in love with) or define a certain year for me, all of which I absolutely A D O R E. I won’t lie, this was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever put together (I’m looking at you 2009 and 2012) but I am so bloody happy with the end result. I’m so glad and grateful that we live in a time where I can do this, I don’t have to worry about CDs and not being able to hear my favourite songs when I want to. Instead I can bring them all together and speed through my life –  year by year, song by song. So behold, 21 years of my life in music – here’s to 21 more!

21 for 21 - My Life (So Far) In Music

1996Three Lions – Baddiel & Skinner and The Lightning Seeds

I’m kicking off this post with an absolute t u n e. Granted I wasn’t alive when this song was released, let alone only just being born to actually appreciate it but my inner football fan/yob was screaming for this to be the first song in the playlist.

Honourable Mention: Fastlove – George Michael

1997: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) – Green Day

This song is both single handedly my favourite song of all time and my least favourite song of all time. It was the first Green Day song that I ever heard (thanks dad) and I will always love it for being my gateway to the beauty that is Green Day (I was only 1 at this point so fast forward a few years ofc). But on the other hand, the moment my brain hears the picking at the beginning – NOPE. I’m a crying mess. My dad has a habit of saying ‘oh, make sure this song is played at my funeral….This is gonna be my funeral song’ and so on and so forth. So dad whilst I thank you for blessing me with this song, you’ve kinda ruined it a lil.


1998: Everybody Get Up – 5ive

WHAT. A. TUNE. Again I didn’t actually become a fan of this song until I was a ~little~ bit older but it’s still a banger nonetheless. I still remember every move to the routine I choreographed to this song and I used to dream of 5ive gatecrashing my SATs in Year 6 like they do in the music video. Oh to go back to simpler times.

1999: Keep On Moving – 5ive

(My love for boybands started young) (it’ll only get worse from here) (I’m not even sorry)

2000: Rock DJ – Robbie Williams

I have a lot of feelings towards this song and I can never quite work out if that’s a good thing or not. Firstly, every time I listen to it I am transported back to the bedroom I grew up in, with my tiny little silver box TV with this music video playing. I’d like to say that I was a dancer at some point in my life but my very awful attempt and pretending to be a backing dancer to this song still haunts me. Second of all – this video gave me nightmares. The part where he starts ripping his flesh off?

2001Don’t Stop Movin’ – S Club 

I mean, need I say anymore? No primary school disco was COMPLETE without this absolute babe of a song. It’s funny because sometimes I forget that I’ve seen them live (I still have the programme jobby somewhere) but then other times I WISHED that I had more memories from that night. ugh.

2002: One Step Closer – S Club Juniors

Before my love for boybands really came out into the world, I dreamt of being a part of S Club Juniors. I mean 1) because I fancied that pants off of Calvin (no shame) and 2) who wouldn’t want to be in a cheesy noughties pop band???

2003: Year 3000 – Busted

For some reason, 2003 was more difficult than I thought it would be but how could I not include my gateway into ‘alternative’ music? (I use that very loosely but for a gal that only listened to the cheesiest of pop songs, this was new territory) Like Clavin, I fancied the absolute pants off of Charlie – it must’ve been the eyebrows – and there’s just something about this song that I will never get bored of. To this day my friends and I still go as crazy as we would’ve done back when we were younger.

2004: Thunderbirds Are Go – Busted

If you haven’t seen the Thunderbirds film to which this was the song for then PLEASE DO. I never quite knew why but as I kid I was obsessed with both the film and this song. There’s nothing like the ‘DUN DUN DA DUNNNNN DUN DADUN DUN DUN DADADUN DUN DUNNNNNN” to get me up and dancing like a madman.

2005: St Jimmy – Green Day 

**Basically the whole American Idiot album.** I know this album came out in 2004 but it will forever define 8 year old Becca’s life. For father’s day, my mum got my dad tickets to see Green Day and I was SO ready to rock out with him. Cut to me having a breakdown because I wasn’t allowed to go and to this day I’m heartbroken by it. Two Green Day concerts later, and this song still starts the same head banging fire but now instead of being heartbroken by what could have been, it’s near on impossible to not find my dad and I (and now Connor) head banging like nutters along to it.




2006Bop To The Top – High School Musical 

This one’s dedicated to my OG gal Vicki from primary school – when it came to creating this post it would have been impossible for this not to feature in it. We’d spend pretty much every break and lunch time during primary school perfecting the routine (I was Ryan, obvs) and it’s a song that I can’t help but dance along to all this time later.

Honourable Mention: Wonderful World – James Morrison (I won’t lie, this was a bloody darn close one)

2007: She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks

Childhood camping trips, swooning over surfer boys and dreaming of living by the Cornish seaside – pretty much sums it up for me with this lil banger.

2008: She’s So Lovely – Scouting For Girls

I mean if this song ~doesn’t~ remind you of Georgia in a stuffed olive costume then come on now??!!

2009: Misery Business – Paramore

Oh Hayley Williams you beautiful human being – you sparked my desire for bright ass orange hair (which strangely my dad approved of) and this song without doubt will get me up and singing at the top of my lungs on a night out. My friends and I used to sing along to this at secondary school and it’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of.

21 for 21 - My Life (So Far) In Music


2010Please Don’t Let Me Go – Olly Murs

WARNING: You’re about to enter the fangirl zone, tread carefully.

Olly. My Love. This song holds a dear spot in my heart as for the longest time I was in love with Olly. I cried seeing him live (more on that in a bit), cried when I met him, and just so many songs bring back memories of happy days in Year 10 and 11 singing along to his music without a care in the world (I even went to a fancy dress party as him for crying out loud lol)

2011: What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Now if you couldn’t already tell by my countless Harry related retweets and just general love for these boys – I was one of those screaming 15 year olds and I have no shame. It is nigh on impossible for me to listen to this song without singing, dancing or just turning into a ball of happiness and it started a love affair with a band that still make me do that to this day. I used to be ashamed of liking them because I didn’t think it was the ~cool~ thing to do but do you know what? they make me god darn happy and that’s all that matters.

PS: The first draft of this post featured 3 One Direction songs so count yourselves lucky you didn’t have to endure that (oops!). 



2012: Anywhere Else – Olly Murs

I really struggled with 2012 – for some reason there wasn’t anything that jumped out to me from that year. Cut to me, in a trilby hat and turquoise cardigan (clearly past me was cut out to be the fashion student I am now…) sobbing when the lights of the 02 lit up on Olly. Some might call it sad, I say passionate and hey? not only does it remind me of a fab concert but also that my friend was so excited when Rizzle Kicks made an appearance that she punched me in the jaw.. memories eh?

2013: King For A Day – Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn

If you couldn’t already tell, we’ve left the fangirl zone…

This was the height of my skirts and dress? huh? stage of life and there is one day in particular that this song reminds me of. There was an annual competition taking place at school and whenever we could, for some reason my friends and I would either be listening to or singing along to this banger. It’s definitely my ‘I’m in a naff mood on the walk to uni’ song and I am so okay with that.

2014: Hooked On A Feeling – Blue Suede

Guardians. Of. The. Galaxy. End Of.

(It’s actually a song I struggle to listen to now because of the person it’s attached to but hey ho it’s a TUNE)

2015: Dope – BTS 

Great band. Insanely great song (which has provided me with all the dance inspo) but a shit year – so this was kind of included by default as I don’t remember any songs that didn’t make me cry :/ buT THE CHOREOGRAPHY.

2016: Please Be Naked – The 1975

Imma just leave this blog post and instagram caption here…

2017: ????????

tried to pick just one song from this year but it’s a toughie, so I thought I’d treat ya to some of my top picks from the year so far (and you’ll just have to wait for my end of year round up to find out my no 1 tune for ’17):

Only Angel – Harry Styles

Technology – Don Broco

Anything from Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine

Hook, Line & Sinker – Royal Blood

Want You Back – HAIM

So there we have it! 21 (ish) songs for 21 years! This was a lot harder than I first anticipated and I honestly wish I could’ve picked about 20-something more. Nevertheless, this is a pretty darn good roundup of my life in music so far and it’ll be something I’ll definitely be adding to over the years! In true me fashion, I’ve made a Spotify playlist for this post which you can listen to right here on the blog or you can click here to check it out in the app. If you wanna have a look at the rest of my playlists that I’ve made and keep up with my monthlies then be sure to give it a lil follow whilst you’re over there. Until then, enjoy looking back through my life in music and if you like it, why not give it a try yourself!