Fall-ing in Love #AD

Fall-ing In Love: Autumn/Winter Wish List
‘Tis the season to get cosy

In the spirit of a new month I’ve decided to do something a little different on the ol’ blog today. Different in the sense of, I don’t *think* I’ve done one of these on the blog before, not in the sense that this incredibly groundbreaking but anyway BEHOLD – an autumn/winter wishlist. There’s the most gorgeous jacket, 1D heartthrob loving, a facial steamer (look at me go being all profesh with my skincare) and the most insane moon/space lover dress of DREAMS.

If you’ve seen over on my instagram or my twitter (which btw you should definitely be following) then you’ll know that my brain has been a bit all over the place at the moment and I’ve felt a lil bit lost. SO what better way to pull myself back together than by lusting over things that are too expensive for me to think about owning eh? I’m kidding, in all honesty, it’s been kinda nice having a browse online and getting myself out of this rut so behold – the stuff I’ve been loving lately – let’s get on with it!

Fall-ing In Love: Autumn/Winter Wish List

Balloon Sleeve Roll Neck Jumper – TOPSHOP




Red ✓ Balloon Sleeves ✓ Chunky Knit for winter ✓ If you can’t tell from my instagram, I am a jumper fiend and I don’t think I’ll ever not be on the hunt for the ~perfect~ chunky knit. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still the monochrome loving, 98% of the time all black wearing gal that you all know and well, tolerate but there is just something about this jumper, albeit BRIGHT that I love. I love the idea of it paired with the black denim (which btw, also love) or my light wash straight-leg/mom jeans (which you can see here) and just paired with all of the layers and wintery goodness! And can we just look at those sleeeeeeeves.

Fall-ing In Love: Autumn/Winter Wish List

Double-Sided Oversized Jacket – PULL&BEAR




Okay first of all, the model? GORGEOUS. I would very much like to look like her on a daily basis ta very much. And the beauty that is the jacket she’s wearing? Puhleaseeeeeee. Now the £70 price tag is enough to make any lowly student like myself whimper but just look. at. it. Following on from my new found love for red, I’ve realised that I don’t have much variety in the casual jacket department. It’s very much denim jackets and one very ill fitting leather jacket or full on winter get-up, there’s no in between. And that’s where this double-sided, furry lined, tan jacket of goodness comes in – I’m in l o v e.


Fall-ing In Love: Autumn/Winter Wish List

Ionic Facial Steamer – PANASONIC*


MY. SKIN. Autumn/Winter I love you but good lord you are wreaking havoc with my skin. Whilst I’ve been wearing a lot less makeup (because quite frankly, getting ready for a 9am when it’s cold is a no from me), the texture has been off, my chin has become its own mountainous range and it’s just felt so clogged and congested. Now I’m not one for a fancy skincare routine, I often find it difficult to find something that doesn’t leave my skin super raw and sensitive – and this is where this steamy lil contraption comes in. It’s been feeling so congested to the point where I’m showering just for the sake of steaming my face up a little (that and it’s bloody freezing) and then I though “oh wait, there are things designed to do this already nice one Becca“. It’s the least terrifying looking of them all and I JUST WANT MY SKIN BACK TO NORMAL, K?


Fall-ing In Love: Autumn/Winter Wish List




Constellation Dress (of dreams)MARKS & SPENCER



Lets all just take a moment to take in and appreciate this dress of utter beauty. After falling in love with a New Look dress towards the beginning of the year, I’ve fallen in love with – and wanted try – a lot more in terms of girly flowy dresses that will make me feel fabulous. And one that fulfils my moon loving, inner space gal hopes and dreams? You know imma want it. I don’t have any special Christmas party plans or New Years Plan but good lord this dress would be perfect. I’m very much tempted to have this as one of my graduation outfits because it is just. so. me.

I guess you could stay I’m still a 14 year old fangirl? – HARRY STYLES




If you couldn’t tell from the fact that I can’t seem to go a day without retweeting something Hazza S related over on twitter, then well, he’s babe. In all seriousness, not only is the 14 year old  1D lover in me still a fan, but his album is just a bit fabulous isn’t it? With him touring in the UK at the moment – something that I wish I could’ve gone to – it’s just reignited my love not only for him, but the album and also his merch. This entry to the post was inspired by a girl who was in the same corridor for me as I was waiting to go in my lecture as she was wearing her top from Harry’s tour and now I would very much like to deck myself out it 24/7 Hazza.

Music – a lil weird I know but hear me out.

I miss music. Which I know makes absolutely no sense when a) I’m a music blogger b) I make monthly soundtracks filled with new stuff and c) I’m a serial playlist maker (hi nice to meet you). I immerse myself in music almost every single day, yet I still miss it. I don’t know whether it’s because bubba is (as always) being an incredible music man (still not his official work title) and it’s made me miss being ‘properly’ surrounded with music but I don’t know. I can feel myself craving being in the crowd of a gig, surrounded by anyone and everyone who shares that same love for music that I do. Whether that’s brought on by alcohol or the same burning desire in their heart who knows, I just miss being with music. And I want that to change.


Et voila! – a rundown of all the lil bits that my autumn loving heart has been desiring over the past few weeks. As always you can keep up with my daily rambles over on Instagram, my Harry-loving retweets and general daily(ish) musings over on my Twitter, and all the music I’ve been listening to and loving over on my Spotify!
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