2017: Our Year In Music

Well, this is it. 2017 in music. I can’t quite believe that we’re this close to the end of the year; I still remember my excitement this time last year when I decided to start creating monthly soundtracks. It’s a year where I’ve been lucky enough to see my favourite band again, fall in love with vinyl and travel to RAK with bubba to shoot some exciting content. It’s a year that’s seen me try and step out my music comfort zone (and decidedly fail a little bit), I’ve cried at songs, I’ve danced like a nutter to songs; and it’s possibly the best year I’ve had music-wise in a while (though 2012 me who was obsessed with One Direction might argue).
So, if you couldn’t already tell, I thought it would be interesting to see just what made this year so special in music-land for me. Now as the title suggests, there’s also another lil bubba offering up his music choices for this post. Connor and I have picked our top songs from the year and popped them all together into a playlist for you. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL *a non existent audience in front of me gasps* I also thought it would be fun to compare it what my dear old friend, Spotify told me was my top tunes of the year as well as highlighting a few of my key standouts from the past 12 months.
So without further ado: 2017, Our Year In Music.

Only Angel – Harry Styles


Burning Up (Fire) – BTS

MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] – BTS

Bad Blood – NAO

Blood, Sweat and Tears – BTS

Vex Money – Hello Operator

How Did We Get So Dark? – Royal Blood

Sleep – Royal Blood

Backroads (Redux) – Lonely The Brave

Who Dat Boy – Tyler, The Creator

New Rules – Dua Lipa

Fire That Burns – Circa Waves

OOSH – Hello Operator

I Ain’t Got Time! – Tyler, The Creator

Squeeze Me – Keir

Unholy – Hey Violet

Had Enough – Lower Than Atlantis

Technology – DON BROCO

Pretty – DON BROCO

Bubblegum – YONAKA

Would You Be So Kind – dodie

Television Romance – Pale Waves

There’s A Honey – Pale Waves

Better Off Without You – Mallory Knox

Major System Error – Marmozets

Fight Milk – Only Shadows



Burning Up (Fire) – BTS

THIS SONG. I started with this one because if I’m perfectly honest, IT IS SUCH. A. TUNE. I first found it after falling into the rabbit-hole that is dance choreography on YouTube and naturally, as a fan of K-POP, BTS were bound to make an appearance. And lemme tell you, this routine? As the kids might say, its lit (badum tshh) and whilst I’ve got the chrous down I am determined to have this thing down in 2018. Fabulous routine aside, there’s something about this song that just instantly pumps me up for the day. Getting ready on a miserable morning? Play Fire. Walking to uni in the morning? Play Fire. Ungodly hour in the library getting work done? Play Fire – you see my point.

Robbers, Live From The O2, London – The 1975

Now this one is technically cheating as it doesn’t appear in our playlist for the year and that’d be a very good point. You see, this wasn’t going to be featured until this week, the week that I’m writing. If you saw over on my Instagram, my brain has been a little bit of a mess at the moment, cut to me having a little cry as I remember HOW BLOODY FABULOUS SEEING THE 1975 LIVE WAS. And the fact that it was a year ago? Well you betcha I get emotional. Now this isn’t my favourite song by The 1975, I’d have expected any of them from that night to be my fave – but the sound of the crowd singing back to the beautiful being that is Matt Healy? Tears are flowing, I’m signing to a non-existent crowd of people and I’m flooded with the incredible feeling that you get when you here a crowd full of people singing without a care in the world. It would be wrong of me not to include this one in the post – regardless of whether or not it’s in the playlist – because 1) it’s great and 2) the live versions of the songs are on Spotify which means I can relive that incredible feeling. ALL THE FEELS.

Vex Money – Hello Operator

Now if you need a song to get your butts up and moving in the morning then this. is. it. I’ll actually be writing a post in the new year that’s along the lines of this category (which these guys will be featuring in) but they’ve been such a huge part of the end of this year that I couldn’t not include them (not forgetting that this is an absolute TUNE.) The only way I can describe it is imagine putting yourself in the mind of a drunk football fan – one full of passion and ~questionable~ drinking choices (bear with me). It’s the kind of song that makes you wanna get up and move, its head-banging, heart beat rising, air guitar inducing sound is the perfect remedy for an early morning start.

Unholy – Hey Violet

Yes that’s right, the same boy who straightened his hair when he was younger and was a die-hard MCR fan (sorry if you see this) picked a Hey Violet song as part of this year’s playlist and I am so !! happy !! I’d heard about the band from my days of being a 1D/5SOS stan but dismissed them because, well I didn’t think that they were anything special. Oh how wRONG. There’s something about their music that just takes me back to the days of t.a.t.u and wanting to be Avril Lavigne when I grew up and I am totally okay with that. Clearly I can’t have been too wrong because what was a driving tune choice made on a whim has landed them with a spot in our playlist for this year and I am so glad they did because this song is fabulous! Another great recommendation for them if you wanna have a lil listen is ‘Like Lovers Do’ – the Pretty Little Liars vibes are So strong (she says having never watched PLL oops).



* Even though they are definitely part of my comfort zone

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, my plan for 2017 was to step out my comfort zone with my music taste and to be honest, I catastrophically failed; I’ve listened to the same K-POP playlist for about 3 months straight and dreamt of Gucci-donning Harry Styles whilst listening to his album more times that I should care to admit. That being said, this has been the year for getting back in touch with what made me fall in love with music in the first place. Thanks to my dad, a large proportion of my music taste is rockier, quirkier almost; and it’s bands like YONAKA and Pale Waves that have brought that love back. Bubblegum by YONAKA has me imagining my Dad and I slightly tipsy in the local working mens’ club stumbling over trying to pronounce ‘Bubblegum’ as it’s sung in the song and even my – according to Spotify – top song of the year, Pretty by the DON BROCO lads has me wanting to grow my fringe out and get back to my ‘wannabe-pop-punk-chic/indie-child’ days. Not just down to my dad, this resurgence in my life for this genre of music has largely been influenced by Connor and as you’ll see in one of my next music posts, this shows no signs of stopping.



Now it wouldn’t be a ‘songs of the year’ post without giving a nod to the big’uns – they ones that defined the year as a whole. According to Spotify my top song of the year was Pretty by the DON BROCO guys and whilst that is an absolute t u n e (and major halloween costume inspo) it just doesn’t feel quite right as the definitive song for the past 12 months. It’d be nigh-on impossible for me to pick one song from this year to define it so instead I’ve gone for the Album of The Year and Band/Artist of The Year – the two things that have seen me through a trip to Devon, starting my third and final year at university and making memories with bubba. So, here we go (look at me making this all X Factor)

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: How Did We Get So Dark? – Royal Blood

Well this album is a lil slice of fabulousness isn’t it? Now I am a little bit biased as bubba worked on it; however, I cannot stop listening to it. I surprised myself by not choosing Harry for this top spot and I know, who am I – but even I have to take a break from dreaming about him and listening to his music every once in a while. But that hasn’t happened with this album. Not once. Connor and I would listen to it on repeat and on loop when it first came out, it took on the role of soundtrack on our trip to Devon this year; it has been played over and over and over again and not once have I been sick of it. This couldn’t be further from the K-POP kings of this year that are BTS (have a peek over there –> for what I have to say about them) but they’ve played a similar part in my music habits this year. I feel like I discover and fall in love with different things about a new song from this album every time we listen to it and I love that. I could ramble for hours about each of the songs, the different feelings I get when I listen to them but I’d much rather let the album do the talking. For the love of air-guitar playing, please listen to this album.


I mean let’s be honest, are we really surprised? Whilst I’ve been listening to their music since about 2015, it’s the second of 2017 that has seen my life graced by the beauty of K-POP and in particular, the boys of BTS. As I’ve mentioned, not only are their dance routines bloody incredible but the songs themselves? Just yes. I’ve mentioned before that I was a huge fangirl of One Direction and there’s something about BTS that bring me back to those times. I find myself getting excited by any new live videos of them, collabs with other artists; even their incredibly hilarious live streams that they do. But this doesn’t feel like an ‘OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH PLS MARRY ME I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER’ kinda feeling, it’s more that there hasn’t been a song (so far at least) that hasn’t made me smile like a nutter with happiness. There’s just something about them that in the toughest points of this year and highest points of it too, that they’re just perfect for and I cannot wait to see what they get up to in the new year.


So, that was it. 2017 in music. Crap. It’s suddenly dawned on me as I’m finishing this post just how much has happened in the past 12 months; all the songs I’ve listened to, memories I’ve made, it’s crazy. Now this post might not be the most cohesive and organised but, well if anything that’s the vibe I go for, but it feels right. I can happily look at this and think “yeah you know what, that’s been my year” and that couldn’t be more perfect.
Here’s to 2018, music; I’m ready for ya.