My 2018 Goals and Plans

My 2018 Goals and Plans

Well isn’t this a lovely lil bandwagon that I’m gonna hop, skip and jump onto? After a mental fog left me slipping off the edge of the blogosphere, I thought what better way to hop right back into it than with my 2018 goals and plans? I’ve never normally been one for looking ahead – a large problem of mine is constantly manifesting myself in memories gone by – but following a pretty darn fabby 2017 (which you can read about here, here and (oops) here) and the addition of this fabulous notebook courtesy of Connor’s lovely sister Chloe, I’ve felt a burst of productivity and positivity towards the year ahead.

Now these won’t be 100%-set-in-stone-I-have-to-follow-them-super-strictly kind of goals, more just things that I can casually work towards and hopefully achieve by the end of the year. With graduating from uni, turning 22 and entering the big bad world, 2018 is looking to be a big’un for me; so without further ado (I swear I say that in every blog post) let’s look ahead to the next 12 months!

1. Becca the Graduate:

If my A-Level Textiles teacher was to ever come across my blog (hi Mrs Owen if you’re reading this) then she’d probably have a heart attack at the thought of me actually graduating from university. The truth is, whilst this is a thing for all uni students, this is a h u g e thing for me. Uni was something that I aspired to for the longest time and following a turbulent A-Levels experience, is something that I’m forever grateful to be experiencing. 2018 marks me being the first person to graduate from uni in my family and I am determined to make everybody that’s stuck by me through constant career plan changes (sorry 7-year-old-wannabe-Geisha Becca) and creative breakdowns proud.

2. Let’s pretend the algorithm doesn’t exist for a second because I bloody love Instagram and I want it to stay that way:

Right Instagram, I know we all had our issues with you over 2017 and we get that, you’re going through teenage rebellion stage but you’re my favourite social media platform so I’m gonna try and look past it.

One of my biggest personal achievements from 2017 was my Instagram growth. I began the year with around 260 and at it’s highest, it peaked around 515 ish which for me was insane (it did however happen just a few days before I disappeared from blogging/instagramming so that was short lived oops). Lil ol’ me this time last year was absolutely buzzed at the thought of hitting 300 at the end of 2017 and to have gone that little bit further? It was just incredible. From attempting an all white theme that everybody and their nan was doing back when I first started blogging, I really felt that in 2017 I made the first few steps into coming into my own with it all. And this is definitely something that I want to carry on looking forward in 2018 and I can almost narrow it down to a couple of things:

Try and post every day but at the same time, learn to not scrutinise myself if that doesn’t happen: I know full well that I took it very personally if I wasn’t uploading X amount of photos everyday and well, to be brutally honest, it was just stupid. Life, as much as we might want to, can’t be planned 120% and there were days where taking a photo (or even finding one that I’d taken from ages ago) was just not on the cards. Take the past few days: we’re (as I’m writing this) 3 days into the new year and have I been positing fabulous instagram shots multiple times a day? Hell no. Am I going to beat myself up about it? Hell no. Whilst I’d love to get to a stage in my life where I can easily do so, I won’t batter myself down if I can’t produce the level of content that most of the full-time bloggers I follow are.

Theme schmeme: Now this one is ~partly~ a lie because I’ve spent a good amount of the past few days worrying that my Instagram has become too dark and angsty (oh woe is me) but I want to be even more lenient with the content that I’m uploading. This doesn’t mean willy-nilly shots that’ve had no thought go into them, more so that if I wanna post clashing colours next to each other then who cares. Over the second half of last year I really let go of the ‘perfect instagram look’ boundaries that were holding me back and I want to continue this over the next year.

Yes numbers are great but let’s be real, they’re not everything: Whether it’s the fact that someone has posted half the amount of photos as I have yet has double the amount of followers, the fact that my photo has been up for 56 minutes and has only been seen/liked by a small handful of people, or simply dropping 50 followers in a month – there’s no use in obsessing over them; so I won’t.

3. Lights, Camera…YouTube?:

Well this is a thing?? I was incredibly lucky to receive a DSLR for Christmas from my parents (which btw I don’t think I will ever be over and is also responsible for this sudden photo quality glo-up) and whilst it’s incredible from a photo-taking point of view (more on that in a mo), it’s also got my filming juices flowing. From the small vhs-style clips that appear on my Instagram stories, to the fashion films I’ve made so far at uni; it’s no secret that I love filming and creating videos. There’s just something nggling in my brain that’s telling me to get what I want tofilm and make out there- now this isn’t me saying that I’m gonna be uploading super regularly, with a clear content place etc. etc – see it more as a casual toe-dip into the world of YouTube. Who knows. ((I’ve been largely inspired by my fabulous friend Sophie to start making YT videos so ty gal)).

4. *In Rihanna’s Voice* blogblogblogblogblogblog

I mean 1000 words in (holy moly) and I’m only just talking about my blog oops BUT ANYWAY, of course this is hopefully going to be playing a huge part in the upcoming year and I’ve got lilplans forming in my head of exactly what I want to produce in 2018:

FASHUN: I know, even I forget I’m a ‘fashion’ blogger sometimes too. I finally feel like I’m heading towards a wardrobe filled with clothes and outfits that make me feel f a b u l o u s and it’s only fitting that I start documenting that. There’s only so much that I can capture on my phone and I really hope that with the help of my new camera, I can start to capture shots of outfits that I love and want to share with you guys. Whether it be here on the blog or in mini blog posts over on Instagram, be sure to keep your peepers peeled for a lot more #OOTD lovin’ from this gal.

MUSIC: 2017 saw me finally take the plunge and ‘properly’ start producing music content after umming and aahhing over it for ages and I am so bladdy happy I did. With that being said, there are a few little things I want to tweak. Firstly, I wanna get Connor more involved with the Monthlies. What started as a collaborative effort, ended up with me trying to frantically put together our playlists at the end of every month as well as trying to comment on Connor’s songs as if I was inside his lil noggin. Safe to say it didn’t work out too well on my end and with that I’ve decided to strip them back a little to not only make them easier to produce, but also bring Bubba on board with making them.

LIFE / IN GENERAL: Much like my Instagram, I want to be a lot more free with the posts that I’m creating; this blog is an extension of me and it seems right for the posts I’m creating to reflect that. Some of my favourite posts from last year were some of my most personal and I want to continue showing you that there’s more to me than bath bombs and pinstriped trousers. Along with this I really want to push myself with the photography and locations for my posts, I want to get out and explore and capture the weird and the wonderful.

5. Get Blinded By Sunrise and Lost In The Rain

aka my slightly pretentious way of saying ‘live more’.

Yes I want to upload more to my blog and Instagram and YouTube and so on and so forth and yes I want to work my but off to graduate uni, but I need to live. So often I find myself feeling the need to capture everything I see because I want to post about it, or I’ll be sad that I haven’t captured a photo/video from something that I’m doing because ‘whelp that means I can’t post about it now’. You might be thinking ‘Becca you literally just wrote ‘I want to get out and explore and capture the weird and wonderful’ what are you on about?’ but

Dearest 2017 Becca, this needs to change. 

I wanna spend less time not looking through a camera lens (within reason of course because otherwise this gal’s FMP has no hope). I wanna not wake up and instantly find myself scrolling through Instagram or Snapchats from the night before. My life will go on if I don’t capture a photo of the sunset and likewise, I don’t need to get a photo of the moon every time I see it (although who am I kidding, yes, yes I do).

You might remember from my birthday post that I mentioned filming every day from one birthday to the next; and whilst I did do that, it just felt like something that anybody could’ve filmed because I was never bloody in it. I’d become so obsessed with making it look good that I wasn’t capturing anything with a) me in and b) other bloody people in (I know what was I on) – I want to be able to look back and think ‘yeah, that was my year’ instead of ‘wait what did I do again?’.

6. Hi my name’s Becca and this introduction is more for me than anyone else I guess?

Since about 2014 I’ve felt like I’ve lost who the real ‘Becca’ was and for a good part of 2017 she was back; however, along with the mental fog, I felt like a zombie with no purpose (always a lovely thought). This year I want to keep in touch with myself and how I’m doing; I want to acknowledge the days where I’m not feeling tip-top and try and figure out just what it is (if I can) that’s causing it so that I can make a conscious effort to change it (and not spend my life feeling like my head is a cloud).

I guess what I’m trying to say is hello there 2018, my name’s Becca and this year is The One Where Becca Finds Herself.

Phew that was a long one, if you’ve made it this far then let me know some of your resolutions/goals/plans for the year ahead down below! Don’tforget you can also find me over on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (although it’s been ever so slightly neglected), Spotify and Bloglovin’!