W.I.L.D – #3


There’s a reason past Becca didn’t want to pressure herself into a monthly favourites series and I’m guessing it was because she knew that current me (hi hello as I’m writing this) would go about 7 months between posting instalments … oops?

Nevertheless I’m back with another instalment (dancing gal emoji to celebrate). If you don’t have a bladdy clue what I’m on about or if you haven’t checked out the first W.I.L.D post (which btw you totally should) then this is my ‘W.I.L.D’ series is where I fill you in on what I’ve been WATCHING  INTERESTED IN  LUSTING OVER  DOING. Now to save you all from a 7 month catch-up post (I know I’m a serial rambler but even that’s a bit too much for me) I’m gonna fill you in on what I’ve been loving from the end of Chrimbo/the start of the year. So without further ado, let’s get W.I.L.D!


In all honesty I haven’t really watched anything ~major~ over the past couple of months. I can’t tell whether it’s because my final term at uni has been kicking me in the butt or whether it’s because there hasn’t been anything that’s really tickled my fancy but – Riverdale.

Now this was definitely a before-Chrimbo love (please don’t spoil it for me I haven’t watched it in like a month) but it’s a FAVE NONETHELESS.

Other than that it’s just been binging good ol’ YouTube videos and whilst I can’t think of any specific videos right now, I’ll leave some of my fave people for you now! :


I Covet Thee

Emma Chamberlain

Haley Pham


My fab pal Sophie


Emma Hill





I feel like I need to rename this section ‘my FMP is practically taking over my life and my brain hasn’t got the time or power to take on any more information’ because if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will know that all I’ve been focussing my mind on lately is all things gender and period related (fun stuff eh?)

That being said, since my last W.I.L.D instalment, I have found some blog posts that I have been loving over the past month or two so imma tell ya’ about them! The fabulous Vix posted a blog post all about ‘The Problem With J.K Rowling’ and I know what you’re thinking; Becca, you love Harry Potter what’re you doing ?! And whilst yes, you would be 100% right, I’d also be one of the first people to point out some flaws with my most-loved series. I don’t however have such a fabulous way of words as Vix does, so I’ll leave her to doing a great job (as always) of it :

“A woman, who rose up from nothing, to write a billion pound franchise that captivated hearts and minds and inspired a whole generation of young people, really needs to do better at representing those vast groups of people who have gotten her to where she is today and an even better job of listening to what they want rather than dipping her wand in her own Pensieve every time she wants to have her voice heard.”

Keeping on the Period train that I seem to have been on for the past month or so (and yes I did just write that sentence, stick with me on this), the lovely Rhianna wrote a blogpost ‘On periods, talking about them and normalising them’ and it was just so. much. yes. It essentially sums up the premise of my FMP in a perfectly worded nutshell and is something that I am SO passionate about and just yes. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.


(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)



If you haven’t seen one of my more recent posts (or my Instagram because I seem to go about it multiple times a day … oops) bit this gal is back at uni. It’s been a sea of work and worrying, periods and panicking but I’m back and ready to smash this final bit of my degree.

In more exciting news, I MADE A YOUTUBE VIDEO ?? *gasps* I’ve dipped my toe into the video making pond (my latest video should be live once this post is up so there should be a lil widget for it in the footer of my site ⬇ or you can find it here) and I’m loving it! Yes my student wifi in the flat can’t quite handle the uploading process but I’m having a lot of fun nonetheless. Whilst I don’t quite know what direction I’m going with at the moment, I’m having a lot of fun riding this video making rollercoaster so far.

As long as it doesn’t become an actual rollercoaster…

Because I’d cry..