Monthly Soundtrack : February

Monthly Soundtrack : February


Can we talk about how February lasted all of about 0.4 seconds? After the 4 year long January I swear the past month just flew by. 

Now, I know I opened up this year’s soundtracks with the whole ‘Connor will be writing in the post every month’; however, this month has been a busy one for our lil music man so you’re stuck with just me I’m afraid! nevertheless, we’re back with another Monthly Soundtrack and I have to say, it’s a pretty darn fab one! I won’t lie, I can’t remember a lot of the songs that I listened to at the beginning of the month (oops) but nevertheless, I’m pretty darn happy with some of the picks from February’s soundtrack!

I’ll keep this brief following the last soundtrack post but we have another entry from The Greatest Showman. You’d think that because I still (!!) haven’t seen the film that there’d be no more room for hype but you’d. be. wrong. Whether I’m walking to uni, powering through work in the library or dancing away in the shower there’s something about Come Alive’ that just gets me GOING.

An unexpected entry to this soundtrack was 5SOS’ ‘Want You Back’. Don’t get me wrong, in the height of my 1D lovin’ ways I was also a frequent hopper of the 5SOS hype train, but never a permanent one. And then this song came along. I was slightly sceptical going into their rebrand of sorts but GOOD LORD, Luke’s voice kicked in and I was dancing. I definitely didn’t expect to be hopping back on this train this year but I’m somewhat excited to see where it takes me.

The last major standout for me over the past month, well, is actually from March… Hear me out, I was just too excited to have to wait until the end of March to talk about this so I’m bending the rules a little to include it in this playlist. Now I don’t know if you know (it’s not like I go on about them a heck of a lot) but I’m a big ol’ fan of BTS and yesterday, the wonderful j-hope dropped his Hopeworld mixtape (what a babe). I hopped onto YouTube and bam there was his ‘Daydream’ music video and it’s been in my head ever since. Not only is the video fabulous but the song – you can’t not jam along to it. Gah, those BTS boys sure know how to make a bop.



And there we have it! Now as I’m writing this we’re only 2 days into March and I already have some great songs to put in it’s playlist so keep your ears and eyes open for that one. Until then, let me know what songs you’ve been loving over the past month down below and as always, you can find this month’s playlist (as well as last month’s) over on my Spotify!