Monthly Soundtrack : March/April


Strap yourselves in ladies and gentledudes, we’ve got ourselves a rollover.

While finishing uni is incredible and something I will no doubt go into more detail about at some point, boy have I missed talking about the music I’ve been listening to (especially the tunes that got my through the late night library sessions towards the end of uni). Not only am I bringing you lovelies a bumper edition of the monthlies to make up for lost time but my wonderful bubba is back and ready to give us a rundown of what he’s been loving over the past two months! Enough rambling, let’s get cracking!



“Sup guys, I’m back again. Sorry for missing last month’s write up, it’s been a whirlwind of a ride the last month or so. Right, niceties aside, it’s back to business.

First up on my special mentions for March/April comes from American rockers, The Glorious Sons with their track ‘Everything Is Alright’. The band is alright, the track is alright, everything is alright really. No but seriously, this is an extremely well put together song poking fun at the usual country theme of love. It builds from a nicely exposed intro into a huge chorus, worthy of being sung by a stadium full of fans. You should definitely have a listen, it’s alright. 

Alright, so next up comes from a lovely guy called Jordan Benjamin, also known as Grandson. I came across this on my drive to the studio one rainy morning through recommended artists on my daily mix, and I haven’t stopped listening since. (Well maybe I’ve taken breaks to let Becca listen to her K-Pop but that’s not the point). A stick out track for me is ‘Bills’. Now combining multiple genres is a tough thing to do and it actually get it to make sense and work is an even tougher task; something that Grandson god damn positivelylutely manages to do. Showing elements of bluesy rock, trap like beats, rap with the addition of lyrics commentating on the hardships many of us face as millennials, Grandson has cooked up a rather rambunctious concoction that in my eyes, could earn him on my playlists for many months to come. Go listen to Bills, it’s perfectly accompanied with a foggy morning brain and a side of millennial bitterness. 

Next up is Band of Skulls with their tune ‘Black Magic’. All I have to say is – that drum sound. Go listen to it and tell me if there’s anything else I need to say. Bet you’ll be too busy thinking about how they managed to capture the tone of that snare in the room without smashing the living daylights out of their room mics that seem perfectly balanced in every other sense of the mix. Just me? Uhhh okay moving on…

Penultimately is a track that I had the pleasure of working on last June and it comes from Mumford and Sons on the compilation album Revamp and Restoration for Elton John. The track in question being ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’. It was honestly one of my highlights for 2017 and it’s extremely rare that this happens, but if you’re wondering who’s playing the harmonium in the outro, it’s yours truly. Impossible to have though this at the time but working on this session led me to LA last month. Life is barmy.

Last up is ‘Disenchanted’ by My Chemical Romance. I’m still not over the break up so that’s all you’re getting out of me. Deal with it. 

Until next time, don’t play with fire and stay in school. Also Nutella is on offer at Lidl, you heard it hear first.”


Would it really be a monthly soundtrack instalment from me if a spot of K-Pop wasn’t featured? We all know my love for Japan and the BTS boys, so them bringing out Japanese versions of some of my favourite songs and some banging originals? How could I resist? Standing at only a minute and 26 seconds long and featuring The Chainsmokers, ‘INTRO: Ringwanderung’ was an unexpected love of mine this month. I didn’t gravitate towards it straight away (I was too busy having a meltdown over others in the album) and listening to it for the first couple of times I was like ‘yeah okay cool…now where’s ‘Not Today’?) but now you can find this girl bopping along in the shower to this any day. 

Speaking of BTS and shower songs, LET. GO. You can count on this girl trying to sing along with this any time she’s in the shower …. or cooking dinner … or putting her makeup on … or just all .. the .. time …

Next up – do you ever have those songs that you just know will be your ride or die through the summer? ‘Ride or Die’ (see what I did there) by The Knocks and Foster The People is a) a TUNE and b) is the perfect kickstart to the not-so-sunny-summer that’s been creeping in over the past few days or so. It’s infectious hook transports you to the sunny streets of LA; bopping along with the Santa Monica pier in front of me and a big ol’ chunk of candyfloss in hand (ugh if only).

Now, I was gonna make a joke about how Hadid exes seem to be a theme from the past month or two but as I’m writing this Zayn and Gigi have only gone and apparently got back together (the bloody cheek of it) – god guys can’t you see I’m trying to write a blog post here? That being said, The Weeknd and Mr Malik have been strong favourites over the past few weeks. I won’t lie, I’m still not over Zayn leaving One Direction (it’s a tough subject let’s move on quickly) but I honestly think it’s done wonders for him. And as for The Weeknd? ‘Wasted Times’ sure as hell isn’t a waste of time….well neither is the rest of My Dear Melancholy,. but it didn’t work as well for my joke…..

Whilst I was tempted to list Ariana as my final lil ramble for this post (I’ll cut it short – I LOVE THAT SONG), I’ve decided to end it on a different note – let’s talk about The Smiths. I won’t lie, I may have inherited 99% of my dad’s music taste, but The Smiths was never one of them (don’t come for me I was too busy bopping along to The Culture Club). But there I was, sat in the library stressing every inch of my body out in the run-up to deadline day and there shone the words ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ and I thought “omg ME”. Well ladies and gentledudes, there I was expecting to have a little cry and let out all my stress and fears of failure, but instead I’d be toe-tapping and shoulder swaying along, dreaming of floral headbands and dancing in the sunshine. The guitar interlude that sits around half way through (and only lasts for about 15 seconds) made my heart sing and I found it impossible to think about how stressed I was, so thanks Morrissey?….


As always you can check out the songs we’ve mentioned and all the other gems we loved over the past two months in our Spotify playlist! And if that’s not enough for you, you can check out the last monthly soundtrack instalment or some of my other playlists  – until next time! (we promise we won’t leave you hanging)