Monthly Soundtrack : May



This post is coming to you a little bit later than planned and whilst I promised myself I would try and avoid explaining my ever absence (you can read a little about my lumpy soup brain here), it only seems right that I offer a little explanation. May’s been a weird one – it marked my first full month post-degree completion and if I’m honest, that’s where it all starts and stops. I’ve felt a little bit lost in the gap between finishing my assessments and finding out their marks and the fact that I find out what I’ll be graduating with on the 9th has just sent my brain into panic overdrive. Connor and I went back home for a little bit where I was met with the ever-frustrating job questions and the month ended with my dad having to go to hospital for an swollen and infected arm (aka he became part marshmallow) and now we’re back in Southampton ahead of packing up the flat and our final few weeks here in the city.

Whilst the month might’ve been a foggy one there’s been one ray of shining light getting me through – the amount of bloody tunes that have graced our radio waves and eardrums over the past 4 weeks. As always, Connor and I will be giving you a rundown of the songs we’ve been loving this May, but if you wanna skip the rambling and get straight to the music, you can find this month’s soundtrack on Spotify here as well as in this very blog post (how handy). Without further ado, let’s get into it!



“Heyo, this again? Fine ok. Sorry to crap in your cornflakes but I only have 6 songs this month. Better make it worth it then – no pressure.

It’s been a month of turning up to the studio and hibernating in there for weeks on end for me so I haven’t been listening to too much. Most of my hardcore Spotify seshes come from my 2 hour drive to and from the studio, usually at a very (un)reasonable hour.

First up is Royal Blood’s cover of My Sharona. Now this song was already a banger, but combined with my boys’ solid baselines and smack ya head against a hard wall beats, this was bound to be a match made in heaven. Also find it quite funny to swap Sharona for anything Becca is talking about at the time. How she puts up with me I don’t know.

‘Solo (feat Demi Lovato)’ – Shameless self plug.

Next up is ‘Who Dat Boy’ by dat boy Tyler, The Creator. This month has been spent with an artist that loves a sub (or several) added on to our usual monitoring system in the studio and this song always seems to be the best one to test it all out. Solid bottom for days. Current feels, ya feel?

Finally, ‘This Is America’ by the always on point Childish Gambino. Man I’m a sucker for a socio-politically motivated song; really gets my inner anger towards the current situation our society finds itself in going. Paired with a solid af music video, it leads me to say two things. 1 – Our society is foooooooked 2 – Damn Gambino got moves.

Ciao for now xo”


To quote last month’s soundtrack post“would it really be a monthly soundtrack instalment from me if a spot of K-Pop wasn’t featured?” I’ll keep this short and sweet as we all know how much I love them by now but BTS’ latest album, Love Yourself ‘Tear’ is, well it’s bloody fabulous. Much like their previous album, Love Yourself ‘Her’, the tone for the album can almost be deciphered from its title; with ‘Her’ showcasing heart-professing love songs and ‘Tear’, well doing quite the opposite. Put it this way, if you came from last November’s ‘Mic Drop’ and was expecting Steve Aoki’s name on this album to bring you the same hard-hitting-hip-hip-fabulousness like I was, have a listen to The Truth Untold’ and get back to me because boy oh boy was that a tear jerker. Enough of the tears (and I promise I’ll try and have at least one playlist in 2018 that doesn’t feature them), if you need me I’ll be dancing round the kitchen to ‘Anpanman’ as I make my morning bagels.

They’ve had us hooked with cryptic clues, countdown websites and a over-analytical look at the technology obsessed nature of society; next up (and unsurprisingly so) we see the return of my loves, The 1975. Now I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had a minor heart attack upon hearing that there’ll be TWO albums from them in the near future – if it’s anything like my reaction to ‘I Like It When You Sleep…’, then lord pray for my heart – and their latest offering ‘Give Yourself A Try’ disappoint. It’s filled with sarcasm, questionable hair choices and lyrics that as always, make us question who we are, what we’re doing and whether or not whiskey tastes nice…..?

I could probably spend all day writing about the songs I’ve chosen for this month’s playlist but alas it’s already a week late as it so LIGHTNING ROUND LET’S GO. If you want sassy as heck choreography dipped in a French accent then ‘Girlfriend’ is the one for you; if all-girl-guitar-playing-godesses is your thing, blast ‘Volcanic Love’ and good dear lord PLEASE just please check out Troye Sivan’s video for ‘Bloom’, you won’t be disappointed.

Want more music? You can check out the songs we’ve mentioned and all the other gems we loved over in our Spotify playlist! And if that’s not enough for you, you can check out the last monthly soundtrack instalment or some of my other playlists  – until next time!