One Tasselled Cap Later And I’ve Graduated … What’s Next?

“…As a little girl, I dreamt of this day and at times, I never thought that it would be possible. 17 years of education, 3 years of uni, regional dance champions, late night library sessions and enough FMP research on periods to last me a lifetime; it all came down to one day…”

Hey, hi, hello there you lovely lot! If you follow me over on my socials then this gown swishing-tasselled cap wearing Becca isn’t breaking news but, as of about a week ago, I am officially (!!) a university graduate. *insert copious amounts of ‘omgomgomg’s, cocktails and questions regarding my adventures into job hunting* Whilst the prosecco drinking and mild post-uni existential crises have been fun, I’m left with a burning question – what the bloody hell do I do now?

As a child – and still today as a 21-year-old – I thrive off routine. Whether it be at work, attending lectures day in, day out (or in my case about 3 times a week) or subconsciously setting myself one every morning to ensure that I don’t need to rely on a caffeine drip – routine allows me to hone in my creativity in the most productive way. So as I’m sure you can imagine the past few weeks of not having a bloody clue as to what I’m going to do with my life is making me feel ~ fab ~ …..

The hardest thing for me as I sit here and write this post is trying to dissect the long process I have ahead of me and understanding that things take time. Between wanting to get out and see the world, spending time with loved ones (now that my mind, body and soul are being consumed by my love for my FMP) and wanting to make my mark on industries/companies/the world, my mind is desperately trying to find a balance.

Post-degree life was never going to be easy and that’s largely in part to the air of uncertainty that surrounds it. Unlike the years of education now under our belts, there isn’t a timetable or curriculum to help you get through life. We make it through days of cringey school uniform (mine was brown. BROWN..), trying to pass an ungodly amount of exams – all whilst trying to convince our #BFFs at the time that we were all going to stay together forever – to then be set the task of making it as an ‘adult’. As a child I’d not prepped for this stage of life; secondary school and A-Levels were covered, lifelong dreams of graduating from university spurred me on and as for after all that? Well, that’s where purple puffa jacket me drew a blank. This childhood naivety has ultimately crept up on me and now I, along with many other graduates I’m sure, are playing in a big ol’ Game of Life

“Our ages deem us adults and our degrees professionals, but as a graduate, I can’t help but feel like a little lamb nervously taking its first steps out into the big, bad world.”

I think the second thing I’m struggling with post-uni is understanding and processing that everything that I’m feeling is natural. There’s this unspoken pressure that festers in a university student’s mind that if you don’t graduate, go straight into a job and basically become a career-thriving individual before you can even save the cap-throwing boomerang to your phone, then the only way is down from here.

But 💥 newsflash 💥 that’s not the case.

Yes, there are a number of people who are a couple of dice rolls ahead of me and have got a plethora of job interviews and opportunities ready and raring for them. And yes, I might have spent a good amount of my time in my pyjamas applying for jobs (and getting rejected), watching Love Island and trying to process this ‘adulting’ thing I now have to do – but any and every approach to this new stage in life is a-okay.

If you’re expecting me to sit here and detail a fully thought through 5-year plan, then there’s a slight chance you’ve looked past my absolute fear of getting older and time passing and all that wibbly wobbly timey wimey goodness. But in all seriousness, I try not to regiment every nook and cranny of my life; I find myself becoming more and more self-aware of time passing and the stages of my life I’m at (or not at) as and when it does pass. I’ve also learnt to live by my wonderful bubba’s motto of ‘everything happens for a reason’ – something I often struggled with through my angsty teenage years – and if something along the line changes my career path (or my career entirely) then I have to allow room for those changes to happen.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have a general idea of where I’d like to take myself as I (hopefully) head into the professional world.

If you’d have asked childhood Becca what her dream job would be, a confident, slightly ginger and freckly gal would have proudly stood there and said an astronaut…

…and a dancer…

…or an author…

…mixed with a pop star

…and early 2000s floppy-haired boyband members girlfriend…

If you asked current 21-year old Becca what her dream job would be I can give you an even more ambiguous answer – I just want to be creativeMore specifically I’d love to go into something creative/digital marketing related and even more specifically, I’d love nothing more than to take what I specialised in at uni and be the ‘photo taker, filmmaker, social media content creator’ that my portfolio brands me to be. I’d love to get more into shooting again – especially in the studio with bubba like I did at the end of last year – and turn my passion for short films into something a little bit more substantial and ultimately just find any and every way to fuel my creative desires.

You might be thinking “Becca, between making films, marketing, photo taking and good old Instagram, when does your blog fit in?” and if you weren’t thinking that don’t worry, I’ll keep this little bit short and sweet. Despite my blogging lull towards the end of my time at university, this is the most inspired I’ve been for a long time and I’m ready and raring to go. Granted, it hasn’t been easy; there will be a post coming your way at some point going through the tweaks I’ll be making to my content but boy am I ready (and don’t think I’ve forgotten about you YouTube my old pal, I’ll be reunited with you hopefully soon).

“I’m ultimately left with the prospects of the future – who I currently am, who I want to be and how that bloody hell I am going to get myself there”

No matter whether I’m working in fashion, music, social media or the blogosphere, there’s no doubt in my mind that as long as I’m healthy, happy and creative – I’m a happy bunny. My time at university more than anything has proven to me that I have a voice – the thoughts and feelings that have remained under lock and key in my mind can become something that other people want to hear, watch or read. With that, all I can do is take it and run head first at the opportunities I try and create for myself.

I may not have a 5-year plan, I may not have landed the ultimate graduate job of my dreams straight away (yet) but like a good old board game, there are twists, turns, fights and sometimes tears but ultimately, it comes down to being happy, having fun and making your own path to where you want to be.