Badass Babes Club – 9 Women Who Inspire Me On The Daily (and Will Inspire You Too)

Badass Babes Club – 9 Women Who Inspire Me On The Daily (and Will Inspire You Too)


International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.”

Happy Monday lovelies! 馃憢馃徎 Today marks the start of 4 (!!) blog posts coming your way in honour of #IWD this Friday. Over the week I’ll be shining a light on badass babes and women’s organisations, giving thanks to the women in my life and exploring just what a ‘being a woman’ means to me (not to mention some fab clothing bits over on my Instagram)

So, let’s dive into post numero uno and what better way to kick start this off than by shining a light on some of the kickass women that have been inspiring me lately! I’m making a conscious effort in 2019 to actively engage with people/content that I’m loving and so, from fellow content creators to musicians, dance buddies to activists, here are a small handful of women who are just darn fabulous! 馃挊



It felt wrong to open this post with anyone other than Grace. From an outsider’s perspective, writing a book, presenting for BBC Three, starting a podcast and running her own blogging empire – Grace has done many incredible things in her time on the internet. But it’s her unequivocally raw and open soul that just makes my heart sing and is what makes it so hard for me to actually put in words how much she inspires me. She’s the role model I wish I had as a child, but I now have the pleasure of learning from as an adult. She teaches you to be strong, but embrace your vulnerability. She teaches to love others, but never without loving yourself first. She teaches you to count your blessing but acknowledge your hard work. (I’m gonna use this a lot in the post but) she’s just bloody incredible.



Juggling the final year of her degree (which by the way, a Gucci X Harry Styles project as an FMP? SO. MUCH. YES.) whilst making YouTube video, blog and Instagram content, Charlotte is one of those girls you just wish you could be friends with. Like Grace, she is open with her mental health journey and is one of the many incredible people challenging the way it is dealt with and portrayed in the media – she’s just bloody fabulous.

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Everybody has that one person that they just know will take over the world and absolutely kick-ass whilst doing it, right? Well that for me has to be Ellie. A fellow M-Town girl, Ellie was in the year below me throughout secondary school and let 馃憦馃徎 me 馃憦馃徎 tell 馃憦馃徎 you 馃憦馃徎, this girl is gonna go places. From sex to skincare, boys to Boardmasters, Ellie feels like the best friend of the internet world – someone there to hype you up when you’re felling your best, but also pull you hair back when you’re throwing up into a toilet on a night out. Don’t bother trying to get in the way of this one, she’s a woman on a mission.

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How To Be Happy Single | Honest Q&A



“I’m just an ordinary working class girl from the North – if I can change the law, anyone can.”

I remember the first time I discovered Stacey Dooley (whom I personally let off this list because I could write a whole dissertation on her). I was on my bed in my awkwardly brown room – seriously, it was not my finest choice – flicking through the TV channels until I eventually stuck with BBC Three. What followed was a burning sense of awe towards the woman I was seeing on the screen. Not only did I envy her hair colour but she instilled a sense of passion and driver in childhood me that lives with me still to this day.

Now don’t worry, I haven’t got my people mixed up, the reason I’m mentioning Stacey is that when I discovered Gina on Instagram and what she was trying to achieve, that same feeling returned. To see a woman challenge the law, not from a political background but from a place of change and strength is just gah, I have no words. She’s just so 馃挅馃挅馃挅



“There’s a sweetness to her deliver that belies that often personal nature of her lyrics, a songwriting style that cuts a little deeper.” – CLASH MAGAZINE

A badass music babe with a killer fashion sense and hair to dye for (badum tshh) – what’s not to love about Jerry? I have my wonderful friend Lauren to thank for this discovery (with the two of them being best friends and good god am I glad. Heralding from Portsmouth, she won ‘Best Produced Release’ at The Unsigned Music aware, she’s just hopped off her headline UK tour and I have a feeling this is only just the start. 馃幐馃幐



Tara had me at her hair colour. 2014/5 Becca fantasized about having ‘Demi Lovato Blue/Teal’ hair, so when Tara popped up on my Twitter timeline, this girl was hooked. To then find out that she’s a) challenging and breaking down taboos around periods and b) writing a BOOK about them – oh you know she had to make an appearance on this list.

It’s people like Tara who make the stress of my FMP (a short film based on society’s thwarted perception of menstruation) all the more important.

There’s a changing tide when it comes to how periods are perceived in the media/society/general life (heck, a film about them won. an. Oscar) and Tara is one of the incredible humans pushing that even further. Along with Gina and Grace, Tara – and what she is striving to achieve with her work and the publishing of her book – is the stuff of dreams for childhood Becca.

Yes. Just all of the yes.



“Her feminist journey started at the age of fourteen when she decided she didn’t want to wear a bra anymore. Her classmates, (mostly girls), would stare or discuss the fact that you could see the shape of her nipples through her shirt. Confused about their concern, she started researching and discovered that the female body is heavily sexualised – only at the age of fourteen. She has been on a quest to empower women ever since.” – FIZZY MAG

Enough said.

Let That Shit Go

Refuse To Find Comfort In Other Women’s Flaws

“I worked so hard to get into fashion school…”



I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Grace at university; laughing at how we were trying to keep up at our uni’s dance taster session and then eventually competing alongside one another on the team. I seem to find any and every opportunity to show Grace’s work off to people around me; family, friends, people at work – you name it, they’ve probably been shown her work.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never stop being envious of her Insatgram stories but wouldn’t you if your friend was backstage at Paris, London and Milan Fashion Week? To think that we’ve been grads for a little under a year and she’s already achieving such incredible things – I couldn’t think of a more deserving person.

16ARLINGTON AW19 Presentation

Matt Bovan AW19 Collection

Julien Macdonald SS18



I’ve struggled with Chloe’s entry since the moment I put this list together; not because I couldn’t find anything to say, but because I simply can’t find anything to say that is worthy. She eloquently strings sentences together like the yarn of a fine cashmere jumper; her writing style (one I strive for) is profound yet *shudders* relatable and she’s just brilliant. Absolutely bloody brilliant.

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And there we have it! The first installment of this week of blog post and 9 incredible women who inspire me on the daily. I want this week to encourage a conversation; let me know of any incredible people who inspire you on the daily down in the comment below!

With that, I’m gonna spend the rest of the day at work (boo) but making the final touches to the rest of this week’s posts – have a great day everyone! 鉁